My 2014 Reading Resolutions

First things first… Happy New Year!

I hope that Christmas for all was wonderful and very merry and that your New Year’s Resolutions aren’t too insurmountable. I finished my Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2013 – 75 books and this got me to thinking. I read voraciously but sometimes that’s not such a good thing, especially when you read for work and for obligations to all the lovely Publishers who send me books to review. So I’ve decided to make some 2014 reading resolutions that should hopefully put the fun back into my ‘to be read’ pile!

1. Don’t feel obliged 

Read only when you want to -feeling obliged to read really does drain all the fun out of it. And only continue reading the books that you are enjoying. Life’s too short.

2. Don’t feel guilty

Every book I own is a prized possession whether it’s been read or not! If it hasn’t been read yet – I know I have every intention to read it and that has to be good enough. Books are better with me than sitting in a sad warehouse collecting dust.

3. Don’t be scared to ignore the ‘new’!

I always feel under pressure to read the books that are coming out – to always be trying to stay one step ahead. But why? Where possible I will try and review books in a timely manner but if there’s a great book I’ve not read yet but really want to – that should be at the top of my list.

4. Read more Classics

Something I’ve always wanted to do and really enjoy.

5. Listen to recommendations 

I plan to actively ask my friends and other bloggers which books they’re reading and really enjoying. I want to let people I trust help shape my reading destiny!

6. Review quicker! 

I take too long to review books because I want to do them justice and write longer reviews. But sometimes shorter is better and can always be made longer at a later date!


So those are my six reading resolutions for 2014. What are yours?

One thought on “My 2014 Reading Resolutions

  1. Happy New Year! These are great resolutions and very similar to my own – reading and reviewing should not be allowed to become a chore. I’m determined to read just as many ‘older’ books this year as new, if not more.

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