Book Review: Plastic

PlasticPlastic by Christopher Fowler

The blurb:  June Cryer is a shopaholic suburban housewife trapped in a lousy marriage. Discovering her husband’s infidelity with her flight attendant neighbour loses her her home, her husband and her credit rating, but she has been offered a solution: a friend needs someone reliable to act as caretaker in a spectacular london high-rise apartment. It’s just for the weekend, but there’s good money in it…

Seizing the opportunity to escape, June moves into the penthouse only to find that there’s no electricity and no phone. She must flat-sit until the security system comes back on. When a terrified girl breaks into the flat and June makes the mistake of asking the neighbours for help, she finds herself embroiled in an escalating nightmare, trying to prove that a murderer exists. For the next 24 hours, she must survive on the streets without friends or money, solve an impossible crime, and fight off the urge to buy a new wardrobe.

My review: It was the cover that first struck me for this book – that’s a bit of a lie as I love Christopher Fowler’s books – but it is nice to see something a bit more unique!

I found it really hard to warm to June at first, she’s surrounded by a perfectly average middle-class life that she seems to have exited her personality from. But Fowler’s clever trick in bringing June back to life is a risky but successful one – you can’t help but be won round to her cause as  the story progresses and as her character is given back its fire.

Fowler’s subtle touch handles the sinister ideas of human trafficking, abandonment, disillusionment and loneliness with real humanity. It is this, combined with the eccentric and often humorous characters that June stumbles across, that gives this crime book an unusual amount of warmth. An enjoyable book, a nice change from all the domestic family psychological thrillers out there!

7.5 stars out of 10 *******.5

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