Top Ten Tuesday – Words or Phrases


This is a meme I try to follow and frequently don’t have the time to over on the Broke & Bookish blog. Today’s theme is the ten words or phrases that will make you pick up or buy a book.

This is slightly more obscure and very tough so here goes!

1. Crime – hard to put in a phrase but I’ve been reading a  lot of crime fiction lately and I LOVE IT. So some sort of crime/like phrasing.

2. Fairytale – I love an author that can be creative with fairytales. A new spin on Little Red Riding Hood, a retelling of Cinderella is always likely to catch my interest.

3. Deep South – don’t know why but I’ve loved so many books set in the South of the USA lately that I’m drawn to them like a bee to honey!

4. Witches – another favourite, ever since reading the Roald Dahl book of the same name.

5. Time travel – one that’s high on my list at the moment but goes in and out of my reading fashion!

6. Debut – I like to give brand new authors a shot!

7. Books – If a book is about a writer, or has a heroine that reads I’m almost always sold!

8. Mystery – Nothing better than putting my Poirot moustache on and trying to solve a good mystery!

9. British – I do have a love of all things mother country.

10. Magic – be it actual Magic or the magic of something indefinable, it’s always a good place to start.


Well that was actually easier than I thought! There are so many more words I could list and so many that are unique to particular books I’ve loved. But we’re doing ten and now I’m done! Which words would you have on your list?

5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Words or Phrases

  1. Great list! I didn’t even think of books as a word/topic but I love books about books/writers/readers too.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT! 🙂

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