No Longer at this Address


They say planning a wedding, moving house and starting a new job are some of the most stressful situations a human being can encounter. In one form or another I’ve thought about or acted on all three in the last month. But my real energies have been channelled into moving house.

From a one bed maisonette to a Victorian mid-terrace two bedroom house and garden, Ive had my hands full. The new house, a beautiful treasure trove of unique historical features has none of the mod-cons we take for granted. Central heating? Hell no. Covered up lovely fireplaces? Lets hope so…

The move has highlighted one thing very clearly. I have a hell of a lot of books. Not just one box full, over twenty. Yes that’s twenty boxes of books. I’m not entirely sure how that happened. I am sure I’ve not read them all which makes me indescribably sad. These brilliant books have been overlooked by sheer force of numbers. No more, I will endeavour to revisit them all.

And on a much happier note the new house has room for bookcases! Those lovely chimney breasts need something to fill the recesses either side, I’m going from books stacked on the stairs to a house filled with bookcases! Proper storage can be heaven.

So I’ve been away but normal service is about to resume, we apologise for any disruption in your book reading journey. Bing bong!


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