Waiting On Wednesday: Amity & Sorrow

I am Waiting again on Wednesday! This meme is hosted at Breaking the Spine and is based on a book you can’t wait to read that hasn’t been published yet.

So my book for this week is: AMITY & SORROW

The blurb: In the wake of a suspicious fire, Amaranth gathers her barely-teenage daughters, Amity and Sorrow, and flees from the cult her husband ran. After four days of driving, Amaranth crashes the car, leaving the family stranded at a gas station. Rescue comes in the unlikely form of a downtrodden farmer, a man who Amity & Sorrowoffers sanctuary when the women need it most.

AMITY & SORROW is the story of these remarkable women, their lives before the night they fled, and their heartbreaking, hopeful future. For, while Amity blossoms in this new world, Sorrow will move heaven and earth trying to get back home.

And, meanwhile, the outside world hasn’t forgotten about the fire on the compound.


Not long to wait for this one! I’ve been hearing so much about Amity & Sorrow and all of it’s been good, the twittersphere seems to have lit up with Peggy Riley’s novel. Am hoping to be reading it very soon indeed.

Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley

Published: 28th March 2013, Headline Review

PRE-ORDER ME! Amity & Sorrow


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