Book Review: Prince Caspian

Prince_CaspianPrince Caspian by C. S. Lewis

The blurb: “Look sharp!” shouted Edmund. “All catch hands and keep together. This is magic – I can tell by the feeling!”

Prince Caspian is in terrible danger when his wicked uncle, King Miraz, decides to get rid of the young heir to the throne. In desperation, Caspian blows the magic horn, calling on Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund in Narnia’s hour of need.

My review: Another entry into Narnia for me, this time centuries later with Prince Caspian!

This is a nice return to form, whilst The Horse and His Boy was a great little book, it didn’t satisfy my need for the battles and epicness that I associate with Narnia.

The Pevensie children have been summoned back to Narnia, but in the few months they’ve been away, centuries have passed by in Narnia and the land they loved is not at all like what they remembered. I love the mythology inherit in Narnia, the clever use of English folktales to bring this other land to life.

The one element that I find hard to understand is the return to our world. In this book, Aslan tells the older children that they can not return to Narnia again which, seems to me to be completely mad. I can understand it in an ‘older minds are shut to childish fantasies’ type argument but if you could go to Narnia would you ever return – not bloody likely!! I know I wouldn’t, I’d happily go and live there forever. Which is why I’m giving this one:

7.5 out of 10 stars! *******.5

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