Top Ten Tuesday Reading/Writing Goals for 2013!

toptentuesdayThis is a meme I try to follow and frequently don’t have the time to over on the Broke & Bookish blog. But that is something I will try to change this year, get into a rhythm with blogging and post more frequently. I WILL have goals and I WILL stick to them! Brave words let’s see how I do…

I have tweaked this a bit to my Top Ten Reading/Blogging Goals for 2013

1. Complete my reading challenge of 75 books in 2013
2. Post a book review on the blog every week!
3. Write something every day – creative writing only!
4. Read something I chose for fun every month, not just books I’m sent or have to read
5. Read more from my TBR pile! (Now covers three stairs in my house)
6. Pass on more books to people who might like them (no more hoarding!)
7. Try something new!
8. Read a Charles Dickens!
9. Comment or more blogs and make time to revisit the blogs I love, interacting with lovely people who read! What’s not to like!!
10. Take a deep breath and slow down. Reading challenges are all good and well but sometimes I’m enjoying a book and want to savour it. This is allowed!

So there are my ten, fingers crossed I’ll stick to them. Interested to hear what yours might be…

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Reading/Writing Goals for 2013!

  1. LOVE your creative writing goal! It’s somewhat of an unofficial goal for me at the moment (I did miss yesterday), because I’m working on finishing then editing my nanowrimo novel from 2012. Back in the saddle today!

  2. I am horrible at hoarding as well… I think it’s a thing with us book-lovers, actually. 😉 I need to slow down, too. Maybe that should have been my number 10. lol

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT. 🙂

    Brandy @ A Little of the Book Life

  3. Goal number 10 is the most important one! Books are for enjoying and savoring, not just to stress-read through to complete a challenge or get a review up in time. I also like your writing goal 🙂 It always makes me feel accomplished and like I did something good if I’ve written something creative, no matter if it’s just a page in a WIP or a poem or whatever.
    Thanks for visiting my post yesterday!

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