Jacket Musings: Gemma Malley

I find this quite interesting. I reviewed The Declaration back in 2011 when I thought it had a pretty awesome cover, I picked it up at random at the airport based on it’s cover which was original and interesting.

Now the team at Bloomsbury Childrens have redesigned the covers making them look extremely similar to another dystopian fantasy that I’m a big fan of.

I have no problem with this, the new books look beautiful, but the old ones did too. I’m pointing this out because I know a lot of publishers want to make books look like the popular titles (hello – everything looks like Fifty Shades of Grey at the moment which is great because it lets me know which books to avoid) when sometimes I can’t help but think they should strike out and take a risk, make books look striking in their own way. The Gemma Malley series is great, I thoroughly recommend it and if you like The Hunger Games you’ll like this one too!


One thought on “Jacket Musings: Gemma Malley

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