Book Review: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

The blurb: Poirot is called to upon to investigate the murder of Roger Ackroyd, a man with an intriguing story. He’d been courting Mrs Ferrars, a wealthy widow, who had recently died of a suspected suicide by overdose. To solve the murder of Roger Ackroyd, Poirot realises he must delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Mrs Ferrars’ demise.

The New York Times said of this book, “There are doubtless many detective stories more exciting and blood curdling than The Murder of Roger Ackroyd but this reviewer has recently read very few which provide greater analytical stimulation.”

My review: I did suspect, there was an inkling in the back of my brain, the far back let’s be honest. But I did suspect and have never felt so satisfied with an ending.

This is Poirot’s 4th Outing and I would argue his best so far, he’s retired and moved to a little village a la Miss Marple. His renown preceeds him though and his next door neighbor, the local Doctor begins to get curious as to the funny, little man who’s moved in next door!

I couldn’t agree more with the NYT quote above I’ve copied from the Agatha Christie website, her books are not for those hungry for blood and guts and gore, they are for those who want their logic to be tested. From the diagrams of rooms she includes, to the merest suspicion of a feather or chair having been moved being the most important clue, Agatha Christie never fails to test my imagination and logic. These are brilliant, brilliant books!

This novel was first published in June 1926! It’s wikipedia entry states that the twist at the ending, changed the genre and I can well believe it. This was also known as her masterpiece and is included in a list of the most influential crime novels ever written.  If you only read one, read this one, it’s fantastic!

12 stars out of 10! ************

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One thought on “Book Review: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

  1. I read this last year and loved it. Unfortunately I guessed who the murderer was very early in the book, which spoiled the surprise. It didn’t stop me enjoying the rest of the story, though!

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