Book Review: The Man Who Forgot His Wife

The Man Who Forgot His Wife by John O’Farrell

The blurb: Lots of husbands forget things.

They forget that their wives had an important meeting that morning; they forget to pick up the dry cleaning; some of them even forget their wedding anniversary.

But Vaughan has forgotten he even has a wife – her name, her face, their history together, everything they ever did together – it has all gone, mysteriously wiped in one catastrophic moment of memory loss. And now he has rediscovered her – only to find out that they are getting divorced.

Is it too late for him to turn back the clock and reclaim his life?

My review: I loved this book because it captures what so many people try to do and fail, it’s funny and it’s moving. At first I didnt really like Vaughan, a man who turns up in the hospital with no memory of who he is and how he got there. His friends seemed obnoxious and I couldn’t warm to him, it’s hard to like someone who’s a blank slate. But with careful management and some superb comic timing I completely fell into this, what turned out to be, a masterful love story.

Every player in this book has an essential part to play and the family drama’s and emotions are played out beautifully. I had a tear more than once which turned quickly to a laugh. There’s some really hilarious moments too. I’ve never read a John O’Farrell before but will definitely read more, the cover is also fantastic. I hear there’s a lot of rainy weather coming our way and this is the perfect book to curl up with.

8 out of 10 stars! ********

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