Book Review: A Land More Kind Than Home

A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash

The blurb: ‘We never should’ve gone up there . . .’

One Sunday, nine-year-old Jess Hall watches in horror as his autistic brother is smothered during a healing service in the mountains of North Carolina.

The unimaginable violence that follows must be untangled by a local sheriff with his own tragic past.

A Land More Kind Than Home is a spellbinding, heartbreaking story about cruelty and innocence, and the failure of religion and family to protect a child.

It is a novel thick with stories and characters connected by faith, infidelity, and a sense of hope that is both tragic and unforgettable.


My review: This book is just awesome. Compelling, tragic and fascinating. It’s an insight into what people will do for religion when faith means more to them than blood.

Wiley Cash’s characters have a really strong narrative voice, this novel is told from three different narrators, an old lady who used to be a member of the church the book centers around, the local sheriff and nine year old Jess Hall, who’s mother is a parishioner at the church. The church in the book is one of the ‘all signs faiths’ so speaking in tongues,  holding poison snakes, burning flesh all with the idea that Jesus will save you as he did two thousand years ago.

The complex relationships that surround Jess Hall’s family and the back story between them and the local sheriff adds a beautiful colour to this book, there is so much to explore here. His brother, who never speaks, is deemed to need healing and tragedy ensues. The manipulation of the preacher,  his tainted past and his ability to weave a spell over the other characters using faith and fear is masterfully handled.

I havent read such a good crime book in ages! Thoroughly highly recommended, I couldn’t put it down.

9.5 stars out of 10! *********.5

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