Tea for Two: Christopher Pike

Tea for Two: Christopher Pike

I have created a little meme for people who have run out of ideas on a Thursday! Which author would you like to have tea with? A hidden gem, someone you’ve just read, or someone you’ve loved for years. An author that you would like to sit down with and partake in that great English pastime of tea making with a plate of biscuits thrown in for good measure!

Today I want to invite into my parlor: Christopher Pike. Who whilst researching for this post I’ve just found out is a pseudonym for thriller author Kevin McFadden! That’s really shocked me!! I doubt he’d drink tea either, we’d have to drink something stronger like gin! Christopher Pike’s books were there for me when I grew out of Point Horror and I absolutely loved them. I couldn’t get enough and bought every last one I could lay my hands on. My sister is also a fan so we’ve shared them between us. The Last Vampire series were some of my favourites but my all time, stand out fav has to be Whisper of Death. Genius! Simply Genius!

If you want to read something that pre-dated all the YA that’s out now, is supremely well-written, intelligent and original fiction, then I strongly suggest you try Whisper of Death or Witch now!

(This was a very easy post to write as he really is so amazing, I could go on and on!)

BUY ME! Whisper of Death

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