Book Review: Maine

Maine by Courtney Sullivan

The blurb: The Kelleher’s beachfront holiday house creaks under a weight of secrets. A place where cocktails follow morning mass and children eavesdrop, it is home to matriarch Alice, who would trade every floorboard for a chance to undo the events of one night, decades before. As summer arrives and the women in Alice’s family descend on the shore, it soon becomes clear that these mothers and daughters have been deeply hurt by the people they love the most. But as this fierce, irrational love burns ever brighter, anger builds and painful secrets are unearthed.

My Review: This was a really gentle book that has some quite shocking moments in it. It’s basically a generational family drama, told through the voices of four women in the Kelleher family. They’re Irish descendants living in Massachusetts and Alice, the Matriarch, has a summer family home in Maine.

It’s Alice’s story that had me the most enthralled, the moments where she looked back on her past in the 1940/1950’s and the great mistakes she made. Obviously not cut out for motherhood but tied in by her Catholicism and her incredible guilt over her sister’s death. The details of which, when they come out, will take you by surprise on how incredibly sad they are, especially as they are based on a true event.

The scenes and locations are written beautifully and are very evocative, you’ll be transported to cocktail bars in the fifties or the tranquil coastline in Maine. All four women have strong voices and are believable characters, you will end up rooting for them to do well.

This is the perfect holiday read. I’m saddened that I bought it on Kindle and I can’t share it with family members as it’s the sort of book I would happily recommend and pass on. A big thumbs up!

8 out of 10 stars ********!

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