Waiting On Wednesday: Elijah’s Mermaid

I am trying out another meme – since I enjoy Top Ten Tuesday’s so much (I know there wasn’t one yesterday but Laini Taylor distracted me!) trying in on for size to see how I get on. I didn’t like the logo so I’ve designed my own. This meme is hosted at Breaking the Spine (villainy!) and is based on a book you can’t wait to read that hasn’t been published yet.

So my book for this week is: ELIJAH’S MERMAID by Essie Fox.

The blurb: Since she was found as a baby, floating in the Thames one foggy night, the web-toed Pearl has been brought up in a brothel known as the House of Mermaids. Cosseted and pampered there, it is only when her fourteenth birthday approaches that Pearl realises she is to be sold to the highest bidder.
Meanwhile, the orphaned twins, Lily and Elijah, have shared an idyllic childhood, raised in a secluded country house with their grandfather, Augustus Lamb. But when Lily and Elijah go on a visit London, a chance meeting with the ethereal Pearl will have repercussions for all of them, binding their fates together in a dark and dangerous way…
In this bewitching, sensual novel, Essie Fox has written another tale of obsessive love and betrayal, moving from the respectable worlds of Victorian art and literature, and into the shadowy demi-monde of brothels, asylums and freak show tents – a world in which nothing and no-one is quite what they seem to be.

I kept meaning to read The Somnabulist but somehow it escaped me, I won’t let that happen to Elijah’s Mermaid!

Elijah’s Mermaid by Essie Fox

Published: 8th November 2012, Orion.

PRE-ORDER ME! Elijah’s Mermaid

4 thoughts on “Waiting On Wednesday: Elijah’s Mermaid

  1. This is the first I’ve heard about this book, but I’ll definitely be looking out for it as I really enjoyed The Somnambulist!

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