Book Review: The Retribution

Retribution by Val McDermid

The blurb: There is one serial killer who has shaped and defined police profiler Tony Hill’s life. One serial killer whose evil surpasses all others. One serial killer who has the power to chill him to the bone: Jacko Vance.

And now Jacko is back in Tony’s life. Even more twisted and cunning than ever before, he is focused on wreaking revenge on Tony – and DCI Carol Jordan – for the years he has spent in prison.

Tony doesn’t know when Jacko will strike, or where. All he knows is that Jacko will cause him to feel fear like he has never known before – and devastate his life in ways he cannot imagine…

My review: There are lots of good things to say about this book. It’s deftly plotted and a real page turner, intelligent, well thought out crime fiction. The serial killer Jacko Vance is one of the main draws of this book, he’s ruthless and systematic, taking his revenge on the people that put him away with a bloody mindedness that chills.

I’m also a big fan of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, both great characters and people you root for.

My only criticism is the team, I couldn’t help but feel too much was made of their ethnic background or sexual orientation and actually a crack team of Detectives are skilled no matter who they are or where they come from. This seemed like the point McDermid was trying to make just in a very heavy, laying it on thickly kind of way. A friend once pointed out to me that if a character is black it gets pointed out over and over again which just reinforces the difference, when actually it doesn’t need to be so over-stated. I hope that makes sense.

The ending was surprising and over too quickly. For the build up of a serial killer it was slightly disappointing and you weren’t part of the action so there was no real end to what had been a roller coaster thrill ride.

A strong crime outing here, a few hiccups but otherwise great.

7.5 out of 10 stars! *******.5

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