Book Review: Thirteen Problems

Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie

The blurb: “What class of brain succeeds best in unravelling a mystery?” Such is the challenge Miss Jane Marple’s dinner guests set themselves: who can solve the latest problem presented each Tuesday Night? Why have they never been solved before? Perhaps because this is the first time Miss Marple has heard them.

My review: Now this is a short story collection. There’s a unifying theme with these short stories, at a dinner party the guests form the Tuesday Night Club where each member has to regale the assembled with a mystery that at the time seemed unsolveable. It is up the others to guess the result.

Miss Marple is the unassuming old lady in the corner that they at first overlook until she stuns them all!

Highly entertaining and a nice little introduction into the world of Miss Marple for those who want more fun mysteries in their lives. I really enjoyed this, each story is long enough for about twenty minutes, takes you back to a cosier world and is very intriguing to hear the different mysteries offered and their fascinating answers!

7 out of 10 stars! *******

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