Book Review: The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

The blurb: There is another 1985, somewhere in the could-have-been, where the Crimean war still rages, dodos are regenerated in home-cloning kits and everyone is deeply disappointed by the ending of ‘Jane Eyre’. In this world there are no jet-liners or computers, but there are policeman who can travel across time, a Welsh republic, a great interest in all things literary – and a woman called Thursday Next.

In this utterly original and wonderfully funny first novel, Fforde has created a fiesty, loveable heroine and a plot of such richness and ingenuity that it will take your breath away.

My review: The Eyre Affair takes place in an alternative 1985,  Literary detective Thursday Next is the main character here and she must rise to the challenge and pursue a master criminal through the world of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre – hence the title!

To read this book you need to suspend your disbelief and stick with it for at least half a hour so you can begin to understand the differences between our two worlds. They are sometimes glaringly obvious and at others masterfully subtle. I loved this book, what is not to love, the cover is fantastic, the title – a work of genius, and Thursday Next. How can you  not love her. She’s been through the mill, she works for the least respected police division but without complaint, her lover has left her and her father’s on the run. But she loves books. Even Jane Eyre with it’s terrible ending (you’ll have to read it to see what I mean)

For people who love books this is your book. I loved all the literary references and how books seemed to be a tradeable commodity in Next’s world, counterfeit Austen’s and Shakespeares are regular crimes as well as controlling the different factions in the ‘who was really Shakespeare’ brigade. Brilliant, funny, romantic, with lots of action packed crime this is a great book. My only critiscism is I did find it difficult to understand what was going on in the beginning but I’ m very glad I stuck with it. The first in the series and I will definitely be visiting Thursday again!

This is a work of imagination at its very best.

9 out of 10 stars! *********

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