A Keepsake Edition – Rebecca

It was my birthday last month and I thought it would be nice to begin a keepsake library, classic books that I will always love in a beautiful hardback edition. But there’s a big problem with this idea. Which editions to choose. As the copyright on a lot of these titles no longer resides with one publisher, any publisher is allowed to bring out a lovely range of classics. Vintage Classics, Virago Modern Classics, Penguin Classics etc etc… and as a completist I would want to make sure I got, eventually, the whole set. So there are difficulties. Which ones, I think over and over again.

To begin with I asked some friends to gift me Rebecca. I thoughtfully (!) added the edition I liked the look of best on Amazon but the lovely friends that they are bought a different edition. Now I can’t decide which one I like best and if one should be swopped for the other. They are both lovely and the white tends to go better in a set (I would imagine) but so not sure, maybe I’ve missed a trick and should’ve gone for a different publisher. Keepsakes are meant to be kept forever but what if a lovelier version comes out. I am, most definitely, in a quandry. Wishlist Rebecca is on the left, gifted Rebecca on the right. Which do you prefer?

One thought on “A Keepsake Edition – Rebecca

  1. Rebecca on the left! I feel your pain. I’ve gotten various classics too and they’re in all kinds of edition. I’ve kind of decided that I want to get all future classic I buy in the same edition – but it’s impossible to decide on one and then there’s the thing about the Russian books where I prefer a certain set of translators and then … oh, it’s all so confusing!

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