Some Very Good Advice

I am fast becoming completely addicted to the Broke and the Bookish’s blog, there are so many book blogs in the world and I used to try to follow them all but now I’m picking ones I really like and regularly checking in which is more fun!

Because of this I found today Jamie’s Top Ten Tips for New Book Bloggers which is full of fantastic advice and I sincerely wish I had read it before commencing this blog back in the old dusty days of 2009! The community feel over at The Broke and the Bookish is really lovely and something to aspire to join, I would really recommend starting up a book blog if you love reading but do it for you and try not to feel pressured by time constraints as anything that you do in your free time should be something you enjoy!

Anyway head over and have a read it’s full of very good advice! Thanks Jamie

2 thoughts on “Some Very Good Advice

  1. Thanks for making me aware of this blog and more specifically this post. I’ve only been at this blogging lark since Feb and can see some sense in what she says esp. the bits about building up a stock of material, having a mental manifesto, not stressing about the blog too much and relax into it. Thank you!!

    • I think relaxing and having fun is the best advice – otherwise it becomes to much of a chore.

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