Film Trailer: The Hunger Games

I know I am behind the times with this one and I have a very generous explanation as to why. I stupidly promised the boyfriend that I wouldn’t go and see this film until he finished reading the book. The problem with this scenario is that as  yet, he hasn’t started the book!

I fully believe this film is one you should no, have to see on the big screen. It looks epic, all encompassing and for a series of books that has held me gripped and fascinated, tearing me away from the doldrums of  a lacklastre spring (before the heat wave!) I feel I owe it to Katniss Everdeen to go to the cinema, part with money and watch the movie in full, glorious widescreen.

But boyfriend says no. Or more accurately, not yet. Please bear in mind he read 1.5 books last year whilst I read nearly 100… I am verging on frustrated. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope he reads it before The Hunger Games departs from our local cinema and in the meantime I shall have to make do with the shiver of anticipation I get from watching the trailer, over and over again. For your viewing pleasure:

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