Book Review: The Body in the Library

The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie

The blurb: “Those quiet ones are often the worst.  Jane Marple says so.” Miss Wetherby

Dolly Bantry wakes in her beautiful home in the quiet village of St Mary Mead; everything is perfect until the shocking discovery of a body in the library. Who is the murdered young girl and who could possibly have killed her? Suspicion falls on Dolly’s husband, a man with a reputation as a flirt, who swears he never met the young woman – but why was she found in his library?

Dolly calls on her friend, Miss Marple to help them in their time of need. Can she find the killer or is village gossip about Colonel Bantry true? Nothing seems certain, then another body is discovered…

My review: This is book 3 in the Miss Marple sequence (I seem to have skipped over 2!). I always preferred Marple on television but think in fiction I may love Poirot more. These are little pleasures however, discoving Agatha Christie has been like pulling on my favourite old holey jumper, sitting with a cup of tea inside on a rainy day and all the other little comforts we allow ourselves to make the days more bearable.

Published in 1942 this book is completely charming and holds up well 70 years later!

This is brilliant, slightly less good than the first Marple (The Murder at the Vicarage) but with some dazzling comedic moments. It’s always when the brusque police inspector or the hotel manager disregards the little old lady with the enquiring eyes that delights the soul. As The Times said at the time: ‘professional detectives are no match for elderly spinsters’ How true!

7.5 out of 10 stars for this one but always worth a read! *******.5

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