The Case of the £24 Eyeshadow and the Unhelpful Shop Assistant

This is unlike me but I feel the need to rant. On Saturday afternoon  I found myself in Space NK this is not a shop I normally frequent. However I won a £50 voucher so thought I would treat myself to something that is a little above the ordinary. In I went, into a shop that was quieter than the grave, from a bustling central London street. The first thing I noticed, no prices on anything, always a worrying sign. I decided make up was a safe bet so went to look at the NARS range. Also worrying, only testers no actual stock visible, so no idea if you’re about to choose something they don’t have in stock which also means you HAVE to speak to a shop assistant.

Who might have been, quite possibly, the most unhelpful person on the planet. So up to the stylish woman by the till I go (Pretty Woman moment coming up) and I say I have a voucher to spend but am not very girly and don’t know what to buy. She looks at me blankly as if I’m an alien and proceeds to ask me what I want… which is the whole point, I don’t know. Flustered into saying something I say I like the eyeshadows and need a mascara. So off she goes to get me an eyeshadow.

Point on NARS eyeshadow’s which I am still having trouble coming to terms with. Not only are they £24! Yes that’s £24, the price of say a very nice bottle of Champagne, or perhaps a very reasonable pair of shoes, or even several good books but they come without an applicator. So I’m paying £24 for apparently top quality make up, which incidentally doesn’t appear to stay on very well or even show up, but I don’t have an applicator to put it on with and it’s so boxed up that it’s impossible to find this out until you’ve gotten the damn thing home.

So one eyeshadow and mascara later – “not that mascara it’s not very good, do you want lengthening or voumising?” ME – “both if possible!”, shop assistant “it’s one or the other, I think you should get volumising”. So the unhelpful shop assistant has ruled that my eyelashes aren’t thick enough and has gotten me a volumising mascara, not asking me which colour I wanted. So to the till. That comes to £44 – damn, I need to spend £6 and ask if they have a hero product, something to recommend to the novice that works wonderfully. No they don’t. The recommendations in here are as sparse as morals were at the News of the World.

To cut this already long story short, somehow I end up with some rose scented hand cream very nice and a bargain at £17. Thus spending £11 of my hard earned cash, the sad thing is I could have quite easily been persuaded to spend more, if there had been an assistant to guide me through the confusing swirl of lotions and potions I may well have treated myself and become a long term fan of Space NK as it is, I don’t think I’ll be going there again any time soon. (and my lashes are no thicker)

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