Book Review: Of Bees And Mist

Of Bees And Mist by Erik Setiawan

The blurb: Up in the house that sits on the hill, a strange spell is brewing…

 To Meridia, growing up with her father Gabriel, who vanishes daily in clouds of mist, and her bewitching mother Ravenna, the outside world is a refuge. So when as a young woman her true love Daniel offers her marriage, it seems an escape to a more straightforward existence.
Yet behind the welcoming façade of her new home lies a life of drudgery and a story even stranger than that she left behind. Aged retainers lurk in the background; swarms of bees appear at will, and of course, there’s her indomitable mother-in-law, Eva, hiding secrets that it will take Meridia years to unravel. Surrounded by seemingly unfathomable mysteries, can Meridia unlock the intrigues of the past, and thus protect her own family’s future?

My review: Of Bees And Mist is an intriguing book, I couldn’t tell it if was one giant allegory/fable/metaphor or an ordinary book – although there’s nothing ordinary about it. Erik Setiawan has a very unique style, an almost graceful way with words which makes this book a real joy to read. (Plus it’s beautiful to look at!)

Of Bees And Mist is the story of Meridia and the troublesome nature of relationships in the hands of certain people! There’s power plays, confusion, betrayal, pride, rejection, love – you name it and every complex emotional tie you can have with another person is represented in this book! The true mastery lies in how they are handled and described in such beautiful terms.

I did really like this book but personally I feel it could’ve done with being 200 pages shorter. It has a cyclical nature, the two main female characters are in a constant war and it feels like it’s one small battle after another and by the end I was exhausted by the whole thing. Too many fights, too many tears, I wanted it to be less repetative. So because of this I’ve marked it down but it is a magical book and well worth a read.

6.5 out of 10 stars! ******.5

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