Book Review: The Girl on the Cliff

The Girl on the Cliff by Lucinda Riley

The blurb: Could a secret from 1914 end a century of heartache?

A tiny figure stands at the cliff edge – hair flying in the breeze. Grania Ryan is hypnotised by the enchanting vision, unaware this young girl, Aurora Lisle, will change her life in countless ways. For Grania is suffering and has returned to Ireland and the arms of her loving family, in the hope her wounds might heal.

As their paths begin to entwine, Grania’s mother becomes deeply troubled … because almost a century of entanglement has brought nothing but terrible tragedy to their two families.

The past is set to repeat its sorrows. A suitcase hidden in the attic of a magnificent house in London during the First World War is where it all began, but could it now hold the key to ending the heartbreak that has beset the Lisles and the Ryans for so long?

My review: I start this review with a sinking heart as I never like to discourage readers from books let alone not finish them myself. However the latter definitely applies here.

In the spirit of honesty I only read half of this book. I just couldn’t continue. In my opinion it was poorly written, the Irish dialect came across as cheesey, stereotypes abounded and the storyline was unbelievable. I am probably not the audience for this book, I can see how it would appeal and I’ll end here as the saying goes: ‘If you have nothing good to say…’

3 out of 10 stars ***

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