Book Review: Enchanted Glass

 Enchanted Glass by Diana Wynne Jones

The blurb: A brilliant, intricate and magical novel from the Godmother of British fantasy.

When Andrew Hope’s magician grandfather dies, he leaves his house and field-of-care to his grandson who spent much of his childhood at the house. Andrew has forgotten much of this, but he remembers the very strong-minded staff and the fact that his grandfather used to put the inedibly large vegetables on the roof of the shed, where they’d have vanished in the morning. He also remembers the very colourful stained glass window in the kitchen door, which he knows it is important to protect.

Into this mix comes young Aidan Cain, who turns up from the orphanage asking for safety. Exactly who he is and why he’s there is unclear, but a strong connection between the two becomes apparent.

There is a mystery to be solved, and nothing is as it appears to be. But nobody can solve the mystery, until they find out exactly what it is!

My review: Firstly I love the cover of this book, it’s beautiful and suits it perfectly, I wanted to look at over and over again.

On to the stuff between the covers. I have to admit I was disappointed. (I can already hear the screams of disapproval) I so, so, so wanted to love this book. But I found by the end I just didn’t care, I finished it a week ago and I can’t remember the ending which is always a bad sign.

I can see however, why Diana Wynne Jones is an acclaimed, superb storyteller, the characters are fantastic, funny, well drawn, visual and interesting. It’s the plot I have issues with. Professor Hope’s Magician Grandfather has died and he has to take over his field-of-care. What a field-of-care is, is never fully explained. The house he inherits is wonderfully odd, populated by village residents as cleaners, gardeners and general odd job people, they’re quirky, unique and often hilarious. The character interaction and dialogue can’t help but draw a smile.

However the ending confused me, it was slowly building up to an impressive climax, some kind of confrontation which then seemed to fizzle away, there was something to do with counter-parts which wasn’t fully explained and I could’nt tell you what they are as I still have no idea! Maybe I am just too old for this book, although I’d like to think I could appreciate a children’s book. All in all a lovely tale but with too many gaps for my liking.

5.5 out of 10 stars! *****.5

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