Book review: (Un)like a Virgin

(Un)like A Virgin by Lucy-Anne Holmes

The blurb: Is Gracie in love for the very first time?

You know that bit in The X Factor, when the singer tells everyone about the rocky road they travelled to pursue their dream? Well, that’s Gracie Flowers’ story.

Gracie is very focused for a woman of almost twenty-six. Her favourite book is ‘The 5-Year Plan: Making the Most of Your Life’. And her five-year plan is going very well. That is, until she is usurped from her big promotion by a handsome, posh idiot; she is dumped by her boyfriend; and discovers her loopy mother is facing bankruptcy.

Hormones awry and ice cream over-ordered, a dream Gracie thought she’d buried ten years ago starts to resurface. A dream that reminds her of the girl she used to be and everything she wanted to become.

My review: I hated the first scene in this book. If I didn’t have faith in the wonderful Lucy Anne Holmes (50 Ways to Find a Lover is fantastic!) I would’ve thrown this book across the room. The early morning sex scene really wasn’t a way to begin, too much information! It made me dislike the heroine from the get go which is a difficult position to come back from. Plus it was really schmaltzy, all the cute Dad scenes, the singing in the bathroom, a tad to sacchrine for me.

But you can’t help but admire Holmes, she has an amazing way of pulling the threads of all the storylines together, producing events that don’t feel out of the realms of possibility, actions and reactions of her characters that are believable and emotive. And it’s not a simple story, it’s multi-faceted with each character having a seamlessly thought out plot arc, the imagination of this author is just fantastic, I don’t know how she manages to think out every twist so thoroughly but so realistically.

So (un)like a Virgin isn’t my favourite Lucy Anne Holmes novel. However there are moments of pure genius here and once I had learned to like Gracie Flowers, it took some doing she is quite annoying! I was a complete convert, it does what it says on the tin, it’s fun, heart-warming and sometimes sad, a nice easy beach read.

7 out of 10 stars! *******

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