Book Review: The Mistress’s Revenge

The Mistress’s Revenge by Tamar Cohen

The blurb: Never have an affair with anyone who has less to lose than you. And – never underestimate the wrath of a woman scorned.

For five years, Sally and Clive have been lost in a passionate affair. Now he has dumped her, to devote himself to his wife and family, and Sally is left in freefall.
It starts with a casual stroll past his house, and popping into the brasserie where his son works. Then Sally starts following Clive’s wife and daughter on Facebook. But that’s alright isn’t it? I mean they are perfectly normal things to do. Aren’t they?
Not since Fatal Attraction has the fallout from an illicit affair been exposed in such a sharp, darkly funny and disturbing way:The Mistress’s Revenge is a truly exciting fiction debut. After all, who doesn’t know a normal, perfectly sane woman who has gone a little crazy when her heart was broken?

My review: Initially I found this book very hard going. Not because the writings bad, it’s excellent, or because the story is boring, it’s not, it’s just a very emotionally charged and intense book. It’s really hard not to get involved with the characters and I found myself having to put the book down and remember that they’re not real!

This is a skillful tale of addicted love and let’s face it we’ve all been there. I know I have! There have been times when I’ve driven past an ex’s house to see if he’s in or checked his facebook page 100 times a day to see if he’s talking to other girls! It’s not a healthy form of obsession (are there healthy forms of obsession?) but it is quite natural I think to wonder what your ex is up too.

This is what the narrator and main protagonist Sally does in this book, she wonders what her married ex Clive is up too, but she does more than wonder and her life spirals into an abyss with just one focus. Relationships are difficult, especially when they end and one person is left without any answers, which is portrayed so well here. Reading this objectively, not involved in all the emotions of the main character I can see it’s a brilliantly plotted and well-constructed book. Tamar Cohen made me hate Clive with a passion, and although I didn’t always like Sally, in fact sometimes I wanted to give her a slap with a wet fish, she is magnetising to read.

I can’t help but talk about this to everyone I know, it’s quite a controversial read but absolutely brilliant for discussing over a cup of tea! Wish I hadn’t read it before my holiday!

9 out of 10 stars! *********

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