Book Review: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

The blurb: How thin is the line between good and evil?Dr Jekyll has been experimenting with his identity. He has developed a drug which separates the two sides of his nature and allows him to occasionally abandon himself to his most corrupt inclinations as the monstrous Mr Hyde.But gradually he begins to find that the journey back to goodness becomes more and more difficult, and the risk that Mr Hyde will break free entirely from Dr Jekyll’s control puts all of London in grave peril.

My review: I found starting this book quite hard. Not disastrously so, no more than rereading the first page about twenty times until I realised that through the books I’ve been reading I’ve become a bit lazy with my english! Going back to a classic made me feel I had fully engaged my brain which was a nice change.

You can see why this is a classic. The vintage cover is beautiful and makes me want to buy the whole collection.

Jekyll and Hyde is the most classic example of a psychological thriller, the battle between man’s base desires and his virtues. It’s a moralistic tale but told with great suspense and skilful narration. I would say it’s told in two halves from the perspective of an outsider and then finally in a series of revelatory letters from Dr Jekyll to his friend. I’m sure the ending is familiar to many, as it becomes increasingly hard for Jekyll to control Hyde, one wonders if he really wants to, perhaps he preferred the beast? If you haven’t ever read this book I highly recomend you pick up a copy, it’s quite short and a wonderful tale to devour in one sitting.

8 out of 10 stars ********!

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