The Old and the New…

I have decided that I have too many books. Not that you can have too many books of course, just that I have too many books for the space that I have dedicated for books. Shamefully they are going into boxes rather than being displayed proudly on bookshelves.

Consequently I am on a re-reading mission. 2011 will be the year for the old and the new. The books that I have loved and the books I have forgotten will be revisited here on my blog whilst, of course, still keeping a beady eye on the new and the majestic.

I love reading book blogs for the recommendations they give me and I dont mind if a good book was published in 2011 or 1911 if it’s one that I will really enjoy. (My favourite is Jane Eyre so there you go!) So look forward to a year of blowing the dust off shelves, packing up the lesser favourites for charity shops and making room for the new diamonds.


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