Twi-White Competition from Atom!

Dreaming of a Twilight Christmas?

Thanks to the lovely people at Atom this year those dreams could come true! Manifested in the launch of these gorgeous White Editions of the Twilight Saga. I love the blood red pages!

The white Twilight Saga editions are published by Atom in the UK and Ireland on 14 October 2010, at £7.99 each.

These really are a thing of beauty (as beautiful as a vampire in a sunny meadow in fact)! The classic dark jackets have been replaced with pure white covers for this Christmas only. They feature just the four iconic Twilight images – the apple, flower, ribbon and chess pieces – against a brilliant white backdrop. In striking contrast to the front cover, the pages are edged with crimson and the back cover a matching deep red.

To celebrate the release of these gorgeous creations Atom have put together a daily competition over on their Facebook page, which gives you the chance to test your Twilight knowledge and win fab prizes over the next four weeks. You can find the competitions here:  Facebook and on the Atom Books Blog.

Good Luck!


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