Book Review: The Killing Place

The Killing Place by Tess Gerritsen

The blurb: Something terrible has happened in the snowbound village of Kingdom Come, Wyoming. Twelve eerily identical houses stand dark and abandoned. Meals remain untouched on dining room tables. Cars are still parked in garages. The human occupants have vanished, seemingly into thin air.

This is the unsettling place where Maura Isles finds herself trapped during a snowstorm. She has joined a group of friends on a drive to an isolated ski lodge, but when a wrong turn leaves her car stranded in deep snow, she stumbles down a private road into the valley of Kingdom Come, where she takes shelter – and disappears.

Days later, Jane Rizzoli flies to Wyoming to search for her missing friend. A crashed vehicle has been found with four badly burned bodies still inside. The authorities assume that one of the women is Maura. But is it?

Jane Rizzoli’s search for the truth leads her to Kingdom Come, where a terrifying and gruesome discovery lies buried beneath the snow …

My Review: I seem to be on a crime spree at the moment, not a literal one I hasten to add, although after reading all these crime books there’s a part of me that thinks I could get away with things!

This is the first Tess Gerritsen I have ever read and have now put an order in for the back catalogue, this woman knows how to write! She also knows how to grip you by the throat and not let go until you’re a screaming puddle on the floor! Probably the best crime I’ve read in 2010, The Killing Place combines the eerie, helplessness of being trapped in the wilderness without any means of communication, something we’ve all gotten a little too used to.

The characters are brilliant, fiesty females and I hope to always have a Jane Rizzoli in my life watching my back. Read this book for chills and conspiracies, twists and cliffhangers. Its my July recommended read!

8.5 out of 10 stars ********.5

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