Book Review: Luxury

Luxury by Jessica Ruston

The blurb: A scandalously good look at life lived in the lap of Luxury

Sexy, smart New Yorker Logan Barnes knew how to take what he wanted to get where he wanted to be. But you can’t win the girl, make the money and live the high life without picking up enemies along the way…

There’s only one enemy who matters, and that’s the friend Logan betrayed years ago – Nicolo Flores. He got mad, but better still he got even, waiting in the wings to pull the plug on Logan and see his fortunes come crashing down.

Now Logan’s back, in London with a perfect wife, perfect family, and the perfect jewel to crown his rebuilt hotel empire: a stunning island getaway for the truly über-rich. Nicolo’s crazy to find a way to crush him again – but with gambling, addiction, sex and scandal all knocking on the Barnes’ family door, maybe they’ll destroy themselves before he even has a chance to…

My review: This is the beauty of having a blog, you feel a commitment, a responsibility even to give a book a good go before throwing it against the wall where it bounces and hopefully flops into the bin. This may sound like a bad start to a review but all is not as it seems. Luxury is another book I struggled with at the beginning. I didn’t like the characters, I didn’t like the ‘dynasty’ feel to the whole thing, why should I care whether their lives were full of luxury? And yet 100 pages in I couldn’t put it down, I had developed character allegiances, there were villains I couldn’t stand and plot twists that shocked me. I was genuinely upset when the romances turned to vile, bitter relationships and when whole families turned against each other. But there was always a little piece of me that knew it wasn’t my cup of tea (or champagne cocktail might be more appropriate!)

Yes Luxury is well written which stands it in good stead and yes it is complete fluff. There is nothing about the lives of the characters that resonates with my own life, it is pure voyeurism in every sense. My greatest criticism is that it’s too long for my liking, as many pages as it took for me to like it, double that and I was bored. There is only so much betrayal and scandal one book needs. Nonetheless for sheer escapism and non-stop drama Luxury is the novel of choice.

6.5 out of 10 stars ******.5

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