Book Review: Number 10

Number TenNumber 10 by Sue Townsend

The blurb:

Prime Minister Edward Clare and his wife Adele Floret-Clare live at Number 10 Downing Street. PC Jack Sprat is the policeman who stands outside on the door. Five years ago, Edward Clare was voted into Number 10 after a landslide election result. But now, things are starting to go wrong. The love has gone. The people are turning. In short, it’s a very real problem. Edward worries about this. All he wants is for the people of Clare’s Britain to like him, and for them to be happy. He enlists the help of Jack Sprat and together they travel round the country incognito, ending up at Jack’s childhood home. His mother Norma lives in Leicester, and her address is Number 10 too, but that’s where the similarity ends…

My Review: Tricky, tricky, tricky. I grew up reading the exploits of Adrian Mole and although I didn’t always understand it at the time, I loved every minute of it. Adrian Mole is the reason I picked up this book. It was hard going at first, never one to be overly fascinated with the private lives of our country’s politicians, it took me a while to see where Townsend was going. Disinterest slowly turned to rapt attention – it was a slow process however which is why this is a slightly mixed bag.

The characters are brilliantly flawed and the latter half of the book truly excels itself; painting a picture of Britain that oscillates in character from almost a war-torn Bosnia perspective to the upstairs, downstairs of Number 10. Not to mention the emotionally unavailable Jack Sprat and the Prime Minister who prefers wearing a dress and doesn’t seem to grasp social interaction. In places this is genius its just sometimes hard to find them.

5.5 out of 10 stars *****.5

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