The Beginning.

I am terribly excited about this. I have been an avid reader of other people’s blogs for quite some time now and take heart at how many there are about books. I am a book lover by nature, I feel, hopefully it’s genetic as my mother has just rediscovered the pleasure in reading. It gives me tremendous hope to watch her read and I feel more than a little bit proud of her. (She has read the entire Harry Potter set twice and for a woman who would fall asleep after reading one page of a Mills & Boon this is a great achievement!)

So I have decided to write about the books I read, I read a lot and it seems sad for those books, once read to be forgotten. Recently I opened the paper to find a good book recommendation and was completely confused in under a minute. This way I can write about what I have enjoyed and not so enjoyed and keep it as a record for me and any another poor soul stuck for something to read.

I pretend I am open to all kinds of books, especially when I’m talking to someone particularly well read but if I’m completely honest its all about the story. I couldn’t give a damn as to whether something is particularly well written unless it affects the story of course – because that’s what I prize above all else, a really good story. A really good story will suck you in and make you believe anything is possible – these are the ones I am on the hunt for and will chronicle here, the diamonds and the rough. Ignore my wittering if you chose for these are the words and pieces I have read.


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